A message from our Superintendent Minister

Rev. Stephen Maunder

Thank you for visiting our Circuit Website either for the first time, or as a returning visitor. I hope that you have found it to be a helpful introduction to the life of our churches.   

We are now approaching the Christian season of Lent. This time of year is often marked by people trying to give something up - whether that be chocolate, alcohol, cakes..or something else!  If you have decided to do this, I wish you well.    

It is also a time of the year in which people might try to take on something new - getting fitter perhaps, either physically, or spiritually through reading a Lent book, or engaging in a renewed commitment to prayer.

These things come about from remembering that Lent recalls experiences from the life of Jesus. In particular, we reflect on the time that he spent in the desert without the basic necessities of life, as he took up his commitment to God’s way for his future ministry. We then go on to read of the journey that he made to Jerusalem, and the events that took place there culminating on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

And so this is a time of taking up...and putting on one side. A time to listen for God’s call upon our lives, and to renew - or to take up for the first time - a commitment to seek his way. In so doing, we may be called upon to put our own way on one side, as we follow his.

I offer this prayer for Lent, and if you wish to use it, I trust that you will find it helpful:

Ever-faithful God, help me to hear your voice amid the noise of this world.
Help me to discover your call and to know your love for me.
Help me to walk in the paths that you have set before me.
Hear my prayer, and let me know that your presence surrounds me.
This I ask through the name of Jesus Christ, who obeyed your call, 
and walked your path even to Jerusalem, to a cross....and then to life everlasting.Amen.

Stephen Maunder
Superintendent Minister